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Times 3 Technologies (T3T) has been implementing leading Sage business systems for over 20 years.

As Sage’s top partner in South Africa and the African continent, we take pride in bringing you the best in business financial systems.

Sage’s Multi Award-Winning Business Partner Brings You Sage Intacct - The Best in Cloud Business Financial Systems

If you are looking for a cloud-based business financial system to replace your legacy or outdated system, then our deployment of Sage Intacct will bring you optimal financial management performance, seamless best-of-breed integration, and real time decision-making clarity.


Sage Intacct is a powerful and versatile financial management solution for companies of all sizes. Since receiving critical acclaim and award-winning success within the U.S. it has launched in South Africa to bring world-class solutions to local businesses.


Aside from Sage Intacct being renown for its highest customer satisfaction score for business financial systems in its class, and outranking other business financial systems for critical capabilities for SMEs, it boasts a long list of innovative features and flexible integration connections. Built on a cloud based platform, Sage Intacct handles 1 billion API calls per month, 100 million application requests per day and over 50 billion financial records.

How T3T Expertly Deploys Sage Intacct to Give You The Best in Business Financial Systems

Cloud Financials

Sage Intacct is best of breed for true cloud financial management systems. The solution was developed in the cloud, with every line of code built into this browser independent application. This means you can access your business financial system at any time, from any place. It also means that all your financial data is stored in one central, fast, highly secure place.

Multi-currency, SARS Reporting and Global Consolidation

T3T configures Sage Intacct to exactly meet your multi-currency, SARS compliance and global consolidation needs. Sage Intacct effortlessly supports growing, multi-entity organisations that are in need of currency conversions, inter-entity transaction processing, SARS reporting, and financial consolidations.

Contract Billing and Revenue Recognition

Sage Intacct provides accurate and flexible subscription billing functionality. This gives your business time-saving automation when it comes to subscription payment processing and billing, revenue recognition, as well as a seamless data flow between Salesforce and your financials.

Project Accounting

For businesses that invoice for projects on a time-and-material or milestone basis, Sage Intacct’s Project Accounting Application streamlines the entire billing process. This business financial system delivers comprehensive metrics in key areas such as project profitability and resource utilisation.

Project Accounting allows project professionals to report on their time and expenses. It also allows project managers to assign their resources and approve time. Finance staff can easily generate invoices by Customer by Project.

Time and Expense Management

Sage Intacct's expense report module simplifies time and expense management by making the process as straightforward and error-free as possible.

T3T ensures Sage Intacct gives you the ability to maximise revenue and keep employees focused on their goals, not on administrative tasks.

Salesforce Integration

Sage Intacct’s product level integration capabilities ensures Salesforce can integrate with ease. Once integrated, it delivers unparalleled support of the order-to-cash process. New account information and closed opportunities are pushed to Sage Intacct to create sales orders. Financial information can be pushed back to Salesforce. You can streamline subscriptions and recurring revenue recognition with real-time updates to accounting and billing for discounts, usage, renewals, upgrades, cancellations, and other changes. No manual data entry means no time wasted.

Dashboard and Reporting

Sage Intacct's live dashboard and financial reporting tools give you immediate access to group reports. You are also able to group and sort financial data by dimension tags, allowing you to see segmented data within reports throughout the system.

Tailored Deployment & Support

Let T3T take care of the entire implementation process. Our expert team of consultants ensure your deployment of Sage Intacct is tailored to meet your exact needs, including your team’s training as well as ongoing support during and after go-live.

The Best Cloud Business Financial System by Sage's Top Partner

For expert configuration, deployment, and support of Sage Intacct Business Financial Systems, contact Sage's award-winning implementation partner: T3T.

The Benefits of Using

Online Business Financial Systems

like Sage Intacct

Over Outdated Systems

business financial systems
business financial systems
business financial systems
  1. Available anywhere, at anytime

Cloud-based technology means you have access to your financial data from any location. Your financial data is stored in one central, secure database. This means no version-control issues, real-time reporting, and accurate decision-making.


  1. Quicker deployment, quicker returns

Immediate financial systems functionality ensures lower dependence on IT resources and a quicker systems launch. Highly configurable, you can structure your workflows to capture and edit contracts natively in Salesforce without additional integration software.


  1. Safer and more secure in the cloud

Sage Intacct delivers world-class security backups and disaster recovery, protecting your financial data at a much higher level and at a lower cost than if you did it yourself.


  1. Quarterly updates included

Sage Intacct automatically upgrades every quarter. This means you have the latest, fastest, most innovative technology with no business disruption and no expensive hardware upgrades.


  1. Best-of-breed integrations

Sage Intacct’s technology uses open APIs, so it’s easy to connect your financial solution with other best-of-breed cloud applications. T3T can help you create your own, unique integrated business solution with robust accounting functionality at its core.

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